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Philippine Sex Fantasies

Philippine Sex scenes worth fantasizing about

When I was a kid, fantasies about Philippine sex scenes from movies were my favorite thoughts of the day just like many other growing teens. I was very curious and interested about sex. I often dream about it, think about it and wish it every minute of my life. I used think about sex in school especially during Math class, it was the most boring subject ever and thank goodness I always finish drills first. It allowed me lots of time to fantasize about actresses and what sex scenarios we can do. It may seem funny and stupid today thinking about how thoughts of sex filled my mind during those days but hey, I'm pretty sure you as a dude experienced the very same things and that it is absolutely normal.

Here are some of my favorite clips I used to fantasize about. I used to dream I was that guy touching and kissing those beautiful women.

Philippine Sex scenes worth fantasizing about

1. Ara Mina Nude Scenes

This was from the movie "Huling Birhen sa Lupa". Ara Mina was having sex in a shack at the beach. The movie was about social problems in the Philippines and slightly touches religion.

Hhhhhmmm have you ever wished you were with your favorite actress alone and stranded in an island? I would absolutely love to be with Ara Mina.

2. Aya Medel Nude scenes
Aya Medel possesses the biggest pairs of jugs ever to be kissed and held in Philippine cinema. She is smoking hot at 5'7" and has the greatest mocha colored skin on screen. She's done several movies where she appeared completely nude. There was a time where women's bushes were not trimmed on screen and Aya Medel's was like addicting to watch.

3. Katya Santos Nude Scenes
Katya Santos was a former child star who appeared in several TV shows. People watched her grow and oh wow, has she grown into a really beautiful woman. Her hips have grown broader, her breasts have increased in size, they are 100% real and absolutely a delight to the eyes.

The above image was taken from a movie called Sex Drive and in this scene (actually a threesome), she was riding Wendell Ramos and her natural breasts were jiggling and moving freely.

This one was from "Sukdulan" where Katya Santos played the role of a young wife who was bored with her marriage and sex life. This was her first lead role and everybody appreciated her acting, more than that, everybody was amazed at her beautiful body. There was a scene where she and her husband were watching a porn video and from behind, the husband was groping and squeezing Katya's beautiful breasts. 

4. Assunta De Rosi Nude Scenes

Assunta De Rossi is half Filipina and half Italian. She was very young when she started a career in acting, appearing in comedy shows and had minor roles in movies. She blossomed however, and attracted many viewers' attention when news came out that she would be starring in her first lead role and would appear topless. She is really beautiful and seeing her perfectly rounded assets is art in itself.

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