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My teacher, my Philippine sex fantasy

My teacher is my sex fantasy

I’ve always fantasized about Mrs. Cruz, our Math teacher in 5th grade. To me she is the prettiest woman in barangay Tyaong. When she speaks in class, sometimes I forget Math and focus on all the shapes, colors and features of her body. There were times when I get embarrassed for not knowing the answer to her drills and I blame her hips for hypnotizing me. They just attract my eyes. They were like magnets I follow their movement, every sway, back and forth as she talks near the black board. I was 11 years old then but the urges in me as well as imagination were uncontrollable. I was obsessed with Mrs. Cruz every day and night.
I wondered how her hips looked like without those clothes on. I was imagining them to be so shapely, like the coca cola bottle you know? Since she has a whiter complexion than most people in our place, I imagined her breasts to have pink nipples. Oh wow I get a hard on all the time (that’s why I put my bag on my lap so my seatmates won’t notice).


(These are photos from online, and I just need to show you guys how legs look great with yellow skirts)

Wednesday became my favorite school day for teachers wore casual dresses and I thank Mrs. Cruz she preferred skirts and dresses over pants. Other teachers wore jeans on Wednesdays so I couldn’t really make the shapes of their bodies out, but I did not really care much about them. To me it was Mrs. Cruz who’s sexiest. One Wednesday, she wore a light yellow skirt with a white top that was tucked inside the skirt. I noticed that her calves were rounded and her knees were light (a thing that has stuck to my mind for all time). On that Wednesday, I remember having stayed later than usual in school. It had rained so hard and I was the only one who didn’t bring an umbrella. I was really pissed for having left my umbrella at home so I waited along the corridor until the rain stopped. Usually, the janitor who was always grumpy scolded students who stayed late at school so I kept an eye for him. Once I heard footsteps above walking down the wooden stairs, I hid below it thinking it was the janitor. I really hated him and didn’t want him to see me. Squeezing myself in the narrow space, I looked up to see where the man was but to my surprise it wasn’t a man. It was a woman in a yellow skirt! I can’t believe it, I was looking at the most beautiful legs, thighs, crotch and buttocks I have ever seen! A real lady’s thighs and crotch and buttocks! I knew it was Mrs. Cruz, I wanted to hide all the more for if she saw me she’d think I was a peeping tom. She was going down the stairs and ooohhh wow her buttocks were plump beneath her pink panties. Her legs and thighs were long and rounded oh shit I can still see them now in my mind. I get a hard on all the time.

I wish I saw my teacher like this with no panties. Man that would make my life really great.

pics from the net

I kept perfectly silent until she was down and out of sight. I can feel my heartbeat and hear blood flood my ears it was unbelievable. I had the hardest erection I could ever remember as a kid then. My pants bulged and I remembered being more scared to come out in case somebody saw me like that. Stuck there, I thought of Mrs. Cruz’ legs, I imagined touching it at the slightest way first, with my fingers, lightly then with my palms going up and down, up and down. Then I touch her panties and the mound in between her creamy legs. What could pubic hair look like, I thought for a second, what could her vagina look like? I answered they must look like treasure I will never see. I was stroking that part of my body in between my legs, I can’t believe it was so hard. It was so hard and up, it hurt.
I was going to touch myself more when I heard a man’s voice, “hoy, you there!” “Come here, what are you doing here this time?” he said in a very loud voice. I hurried to get out and ran through the rain. I got home all wet, got a shower and hurriedly went to my room. I had to masturbate right away. 

More Dubai Sex scandal - Filipino Sex scandal

Dubai Sex scandal - Filipina sex scandal

This is the first part of the Filipina sex scandal / Dubai Sex scandal. Here, the girl is speaking in Filipino telling her boyfriend there was still blood in her pussy though she washed it just now. He shows the girl's pussy and hovers the camera for quite some time showing you horny fuckers what Filipina pussy looks like.

They engage in oral sex after that scene.

hairy pussy, shaved pussy, thin pubic hair

Hairy pussy or shaved pussy? Which one gets you more horny?

Is sex better when your partner has hairy pussy? Or does it feel better if she's shaved it? I personally prefer sex when my partner has her natural pubes more than shaved or shaped. Pussy is more appealing to the eye as well to all other senses when it's not shaved... well that's just my opinion. What about you fuckers out there, what's more appealing, shaved or not shaved?

Sometime ago, me and my friends were talking about the aesthetics of the female body. In particular, we were debating on whether shaved or unshaven pussy appealed to the eye more. The talk went for hours and we were going in circles. We focused then on whether it was more enjoyable for us men to do cunnilingus when a woman was unshaven. Some of my friends didn't like unshaven pussies for the fact that pubic hair often got into the nose and it was uncomfortable to go on licking. Also, they pointed out that pubic hair when kept for a very long time tend to smell and licking a woman's pussy was not that enjoyable anymore. I agreed on this point as I knew of a girl who never shaved and every time I got down on her, I sense this unfavorable whiff and the excitement of kissing her pussy is somewhat diminished. 

I very much enjoy it though when we're having sex already and I feel her bush touching the shaven parts surrounding my penis and balls. It's not tickling but a more pleasurable feeling, I don't know I just love it. When I'm on top of her and I slowly move my hips up and down, I feel her soft but thick pubes meeting my pelvis and it's sooo good. Apart from the pleasure I feel when my hard cock enters her warm and soft pussy, the pubes just does something so enjoyable. Ahhh man as I'm telling this right now I want to meet up with my girl. I am so fucking horny.

Hot Filipina Masturbating

Hot Filipina Masturbating

Hey, can somebody help this hot hot hot girl with her needs? She's obviously so horny she made good use of the dildo right there. Man, look at this pretty girl, she spreads her legs wide open to reveal her wet pussy and starts masturbating. I wish I can be there to give her the real thing. I fucking bet you also want to give her what she wants huh?

Whenever I can't sleep, I've always fantasize about sex and there was this one fantasy where I catch our pretty baby sitter masturbating thinking the babies are asleep and everyone else is out. I try to reenact that famous scene in American Pie where Jim enters his room and finds Nadia (Shannon Elizabeth) masturbating. In my fantasy, I do everything right. Since I caught her playing with her private parts, I let her see what's inside my pants and play with it too. After that, I let her play with what I'm playing with and she shyly lets me touch her. Every horny motherfucker fantasizes about things like these and for me it always gets me to sleep at night.  

More of the pretty Aya Medel

Aya Medel is one hot Filipina

"The Papaya Queen", Aya Medel is a sex goddess to me. She is so hot I'd probably melt when next to her. Have I mentioned she has that hot mocha color of a complexion? Have I already mentioned she has large, natural, firm, real, rounded delicious breasts? Oh wow I get a hard on just mentioning those things right now. In Philippine cinema, her huge breasts have been touched, cupped, pressed, kissed and licked. Damn, I wish I was her man.

Look at her pictures here, I'm pretty sure you'll like her instantly. She's a real Filipina beauty who I wish can be mine.

Nude Philippine Actress

Girl's blouse unbuttons because of fast ride

Girl's blouse unbuttons in a fast car

Fuck, I have to get me one of these cars. Lo and behold... the Toyota Supra, capable of stripping a girl's top with every acceleration, with every sharp turn of a corner. This video is not entirely new, in fact it's been in youtube for a long time now but I posted it here since I thought it was really cool.

I've always fantasized about car racing and winning cash for it or sex if the opponent is a female driver. I know you guys have thought of that too. Imagine the movie fast and the furious and the female actresses in it in a fantasy about car racing. What if she races you for pink slips and takes them if she wins and in return if she loses gives herself to you for a one week do all you want kind of thing huh? Fuck yeah I'll take that bet! If you beat Jordana Brewster or Michelle Rodriguez then what a price would that be huh? It'll be the best. If I beat either of them I'll have sex with them in my car, in her car, on the hood of her car every day and night of the week lol.

The fast and the furious' Jordana Brewster and Michelle Rodriguez

Nina Jose Sexy Dance

Nina Jose is the girl of my dreams

Young and talented Nina Jose is one of the leaders of upcoming super stars of Philippine cinema. She is tall, sexy and absolutely beautiful. She was first known as a housemate in the Philippines' version of Big Brother and ever since, she has attracted the attention of every Filipino.

This sexy young actress has a bright future ahead of her and I hope she accepts mature roles to further boost her celebrity status. She once posed for a men's magazine and when interviewed if she'd agree to kissing scenes and sexy scenes, she answered she'd consider it and most probably do daring roles if the project asks her to. Upon reading that, I'm very sure a lot of men's hearts raced and they probably wished Nina Jose would right on get those movie roles very very soon.

In this video, Nina Jose was a contestant at a TV show's celebrity dancing contest. She is a bubbly young lady and full of energy. Her blouse is also full of beautiful stuff which I wish one day she'd show in movies. She proceeds to dance and it's obvious she's very talented. While dancing you can see her ripe breasts bouncing so deliciously under her clothes but were threatening to get loose every moment. I personally thought there was going to be a nip slip or something, it was so close to happening but alas, it didn't.

Nina Jose's bouncing boobs

Man, you can see her lovely shape in this video and I hope some other guys post videos of her in swimsuits or something less. As she was dancing, her large and promising breasts were making heavenly movements of their own, they were dancing to the music... they wanted to break free from her dress that was hampering their movement, they wanted to be liberated, Nina Jose's breasts wanted dance and bounce freely... oh it was so beautiful.

Hayden Kho Maricar Reyes Sex scandal part two

Hayden Kho and Maricar Reyes Sex Scandal part two

I must admit I still haven't grown tired of watching the first sex scandal between these two and now here's another video of them copulating that's circulating in the internet. These videos are not new but there's just too many hungry eyed bastards out there who keep on looking for this sex scandal (so here it is). 

Maricar Reyes is a beauty. She was so young when she dated Hayden Kho and it is such a shame she hadn't found a more sensitive and worthy man to care and love her.

In this sex video, Hayden Kho's camera was situated outside the bedroom and at an angle that was concealed from Maricar Reyes' knowledge. I've watched this video several times and I don't see her looking at the camera's direction, meaning she doesn't know it's there.

Hayden Kho and Maricar Reyes Sex Scandal part two

Dman, I can't emphasize how beautiful Maricar Reyes is. She's everybody's dream girl, I do not really know if I should be pleased or disappointed to see her naked, to see her perky boobs, to her hairy pussy... to see her get fucked from behind, from all different angles hahaha. Well fuck, it happened and can't be undone so let's just enjoy this Philippine sex scandal.

Philippines sex fantasy: Sex amidst cannibalism - movies

Sex scene from cannibalism movie

Have you ever fantasized about being in some sort of situation where you're trapped somewhere and there's a bunch of savage cannibals out to get you? Well of course there has to be a gorgeous chick with you or else  the fantasy would be lame noh?

I've read that cannibalism had been practiced by desperate people before and there had been primitive civilizations that did that too. A few people believed that even in the modern times of about 1960s -70s, there still lived a few untouched civilizations who practiced cannibalism as form of ritual. There had been no concrete evidence for these claims however.

In the movie Emmanuelle, or Emmanuelle and the last cannibals (I apologize for not being precise on the title as I forgot), sexy themes were incorporated with the popularity of supposed presence of savages eating human flesh. The film was shot in the 1970s and had a quite interesting story. The actors were good and you would definitely be impressed by Ms. Gemser's beauty. She plays the lead actress, she's the one that looks Filipina, or Asian but in reality her nationality is European.

I only chose the scene that revolved around sex and in the film, there were lots. I didn't want to post the gore and all the brutal stuff that the actors were doing, if you want to see that, there's probably lots of links in the net that would stream the movie. Well anyway, this a good scene, it's not porn but Laura Gemser is always good to watch.

Sex scene from cannibalism movie

This is another movie that revolved around cannibalism and primitive people. I forgot the title but I assure you you can search it quite easily in the internet. This movie claims that there had been such people in Papua New Guinea and that Westerners have encountered them. Again, this is not a porn film. I just thought posting it stimulates the mind, you know? Anyway it has sex scenes and that's what we want to watch right?

Dirty Old MEn are funny

Dirty Old MEn are funny

I got these pictures from the net and I really think their funny. Old men never seem to lose their appetite for sex do they? 

nude during laundry time

Filipina nude during laundry time

Daaaaaaaamn!!! She can do my laundry any time. I've always fantasized about beautiful ladies surrounding me especially at home. We used to have lots of housekeepers and cleaning ladies that work for us but none of them ever looked as hot as this beauty. Oooooohhhhhhhh have mercy, just look at her, her face, her body, those beautiful firm breasts, her hypnotizing hips, her perfect delicious pussy... oooohhhhh shit I so fucking adore her.

These pictures have been in the net for quite some time now but I think they deserve to be viewed all the time. I personally think the shoot was great too. There is art, there's taste. It's not only her that's beautiful but the whole picture, the whole shot is just great.

If there's somebody reading this and you happen to know who this model is, could you please be so kind to tell me her name. I would like to search the internet for more of her pictures. I really think she's beautiful and I hope there are more shots of her in themes like these.

Philippine Sex Scandal Bacolod Sex Scandal Former Beauty Titlist Sex Scandal

Philippine Sex Scandal
Bacolod Sex Scandal
Former Beauty Titlist Sex Scandal

Do we fantasize about having sex with beauty titlists? 

Fuck yeah!!!

These pictures are from leaked sexcapades of a couple from the Philippines, particularly Bacolod. The girl was a college student then and was a runner up at a beauty pageant. She and her boyfriend definitely get busy after school huh?

This is the reason why you girls should always, by all means, most definitely have to delete your sex videos after being watched! Or else we will watch it lol.

The news says the couple took pictures or videos of themselves using the guy's cellphone. in an unfortunate event however, the guy lost the phone and whoever got hold of it published the photos online and now you see them here hahahaha. I post these kinds of pictures, stories and videos not only because I like porn but moreover, to warn people to always secure your belongings especially storage devices with private files in it.

Sigh... the girl in the pictures is beautiful, she was a beauty titlist but put to shame for some time. The good news however is that as time goes by, seeing these pictures do not seem to be a big deal anymore. 

Bacolod Sex Scandal

Old pictures of Philippine actress Sylvia Sanchez - old nude pictures

Old pictures of Philippine actress

Sylvia Sanchez - old nude pictures

I've always liked Sylvia Sanchez as an actress. She has talent and definitely has the looks... as you can see here. She's appeared in several soap operas and every time, she delivers a really good performance. It is such a waste though that she apparently posed nude in this old magazine which was even in black and white. I saw her personally before and damn is she pretty! She's quite tall and has a pretty light complexion. Today she's gained some weight but that doesn't make her any less pretty. She's still a hot sex symbol to most men and still fantasize over her.

Maricar Reyes is fucking gorgeous

Maricar Reyes nude

Who will not be captivated with Maricar Reyes' beauty? She is one of the prettiest faces in Philippine show business today and everybody desires her. She was a med student or in pre med when she met Hayden Kho and eventually got "fucked". 

Maricar Reyes has got a face that will catch everybody's attention. She has that delicate chin and high cheekbones girls always want to possess. She has rose red lips that's emphasized by her complexion, its crazy she has everything that will describe a woman pretty. She is kind of thin in my opinion when I saw her TV shows but in this sex video (well, she's all naked), her body is as sexy as the sexiest.

In this video, she and Hayden Kho tinker with the laptop so I assume she participates willingly in taping the sex video. They try out different sex positions all over the room and they moan in the satisfaction of their desires. Maricar Reyes is so beautiful, i wish i were the one having sex with her lol. It's good she didn't shave her pussy, I like watching porn with girls having pubic hair. Maricar  Reyes was so exposed in this video, her legs were spread eagle as she was sitting on top of the guy, him entering her from the rear. Hayden Kho's hands finger her clitoris and play with her wiry pubes, this really turns a lot of people on. I'm having a hard on just writing this and I never tire of watching it.

Maricar Reyes sex videos

Maricar Reyes & Hayden Kho Pictures

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