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Philippines sex fantasy: Sex amidst cannibalism - movies

Sex scene from cannibalism movie

Have you ever fantasized about being in some sort of situation where you're trapped somewhere and there's a bunch of savage cannibals out to get you? Well of course there has to be a gorgeous chick with you or else  the fantasy would be lame noh?

I've read that cannibalism had been practiced by desperate people before and there had been primitive civilizations that did that too. A few people believed that even in the modern times of about 1960s -70s, there still lived a few untouched civilizations who practiced cannibalism as form of ritual. There had been no concrete evidence for these claims however.

In the movie Emmanuelle, or Emmanuelle and the last cannibals (I apologize for not being precise on the title as I forgot), sexy themes were incorporated with the popularity of supposed presence of savages eating human flesh. The film was shot in the 1970s and had a quite interesting story. The actors were good and you would definitely be impressed by Ms. Gemser's beauty. She plays the lead actress, she's the one that looks Filipina, or Asian but in reality her nationality is European.

I only chose the scene that revolved around sex and in the film, there were lots. I didn't want to post the gore and all the brutal stuff that the actors were doing, if you want to see that, there's probably lots of links in the net that would stream the movie. Well anyway, this a good scene, it's not porn but Laura Gemser is always good to watch.

Sex scene from cannibalism movie

This is another movie that revolved around cannibalism and primitive people. I forgot the title but I assure you you can search it quite easily in the internet. This movie claims that there had been such people in Papua New Guinea and that Westerners have encountered them. Again, this is not a porn film. I just thought posting it stimulates the mind, you know? Anyway it has sex scenes and that's what we want to watch right?

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