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topless Filipinas feeling happy

Topless Filipinas are proud of their bodies

Filipina actress nude photoshoot

Filipina actress nude photoshoot

Whooooowwww! Nice stolen shot from a Filipina actress's nude photoshoot

filipina actress wet shirt

Filipina actress wet shirt

Nude Filipina girls admiring their own bodies

Filipina Actresses Nude pictures

Nude Filipina Actresses in artistic poses

Don't you just love actresses who feel confident about their bodies and their sexuality? The following Filipina actresses definitely showed they were secure, certain and positive about themselves. Aya Medel, the woman who's smiling in most of the pictures is my favorite among the three. She can act real well and in my opinion the prettiest here.

The three actresses were very young when these photos were taken, they were probably around 20 then. I just love Aya Medel. In her movies, she carried her characters and conveyed every line with emotion. In physical appearance, she is simply stunning. I've seen her once in person while shooting a movie. Dang, she's so sexy and cool. She has dark but smooth skin, the kind that's hot and what all Caucasians desire to have.

Filipina actress breast examination

Breast examination has never been so hot

Can you believe this breast examination? Wow! I embedded this video from youtube and features DJ Mo Twister and Mocha, a TV personality. The DJ was asking the doctor details about how to self breast examine but as the doc was explaining, Mocha wanted a more detailed education by placing the doctor's hands inside her top. Now I want to learn how to that and explain it with demonstration to lots of girls

Filipina boobs jiggling

Old pictures of Vivian Velez' sex tape

Vivian Velez had one fucking great sex scandal!

True man! Vivian Velez, miss body beautiful was the fantasy of every living man in the Philippines in the 80s. Damn she was the it girl back then and she was so freaking hot. She has the face of a real Filipina beauty and sets of talents that made her famous in the silver screen. She has an awesome body. Her curvy features are 100% real and possesses a skin complexion that's an envy of Hollywood stars. 

In this picture, she has sex with a prominent man much older than she was. It was believed that she was only about 18-20 when this sex video was made. Fuck, whoever that man is, he was very lucky to have nailed a goddess. If I were him I'd never have let her go.

This is her now after so many years. She's still beautiful and her curvy features are still ever so great.

Old sexy pene movie scene

Pene movies of the 80s and late 70s

"Pene" is term indicating a genre of film in the Philippines. It's short for penetration, as movies in the late 70s and early 80s incorporated unsimulated sex in scenes. The actual penetration, cunnilingus and masturbation was clearly shown in mainstream films such as "Sabik".

The Philippine regulating board for film tried to ban or control these kinds of movies but didn't quite succeed. In a few theaters, full length "pene" films were actually shown and were distributed in betamax tapes. Some "pene" movies had deleted actual sex scenes but when sold in betamax, those deleted scenes were actually shown in the after credits. The sex scenes were hot I tell you. Talented actors who actually knew how to act engaged in actual, real and unfaked sex. Damn damn damn! Shit! You can see guys penises penetrate beautiful women's pussies in these mainstream films.

In one documentary, actors were asked why they participated in these kinds of movies and most of them said it was only going to be some sort of stepping stone. They said there was art in these kinds of films and truly I agree. I watched one of these movies and there was a good story and moral in it. As I said the actors were talented (George Estregan and Maureen Mauricio were among those) and they can deliver lines with convincing emotion and point.

Have you watched other pene films in the past or recently? Do you have links or a blog where I can see them? I'd appreciate it if we shared movies like these. Pene films are not smut in my opinion but had genuine art in them.

Filipina girls gone wild in the shower

Filipina girls nude in the shower

These girls are wild wild wild. Man i would love to be friends with these girls, maybe they'd invite me to shower when we're buddies huh? What would make pretty girls act these way? Well I don't care, just as long as they let us see their videos right?

I always thought girls didn't act the way guys like us did, like this way in the video. Guys jerk off, run around naked, play with their penises and all that stuff but I was completely wrong. Girls too do this and apparently it's fun for them too.

I had this one experience when I was a student when one of my schoolmates actually invited a guy to take a shower with her. We were all drunk then and the weather was really hot. Without thinking, this one girl took off her shirt and was walking around with her bra. She then went to the bathroom to take a shower and just as she's going to, a guy walked past her and she grabbed him in the arm to join her in the shower. I was fucking shocked! They didn't know each other and there it was, they just took a shower together. I guess you can never know how a girl really is or who she is.

Top ten Filipino Sex scenes from Philippine sex movies

Top 10 Filipino Sex Scenes! Top Philippine Sex Scenes!

If you're a fan of Filipino movies, you'll definitely be familiar with the terms titillating films and "ST" movies. These terms refer to a genre of Philippine films which have much sex scenes, showing off nude bodies mostly by female actors. I'm a fan of these kinds of films and I've made a list of Philippine sex movies that makes a viewer feel a stir in between the legs.

I have chosen scenes which were as much appreciated by my friends, both men and women and by movie lovers who rented CDs. Some of these audiences rented the movies more than once, saying the scenes were really hot and must watch them again. People I asked said the movies didn't have to reveal much flesh just as long the scene stimulated the mind and of course the sex organ. So without further ado, here's my top ten Filipino Sex Scenes from Philippine sexy movies.

Top 10 Filipino Sex scenes from Philippine sex movies

Philippine sex scenes are so hot

10. Glydel Mercado and Albert Martinez sex scene in the movie "Sidhi"

This was a very good movie first and foremost. It did not need showing off skin in my opinion for it could have been liked by moviegoers even if without it (but of course we're all horny bastards here and thank goodness there were those sex scenes). The plot was good and sequences of events were very much fluid. Each scene was important and had relevant connection with the others.

In one scene, Glydel Mercado and Albert Martinez were taking a bath in a shack. She sits on his lap facing him. He soaps her body and gently massages her breast. Miss Mercado was regarded as one of the prettiest faces back then and seeing her boobs get touched like that sent my cock (as well as many others') standing up straight and stiff. The guy in movie really got lucky, while kissing Glydel Mercado's full lips, his hands were carefully soaping her boobs one a time. Though there was soap in his hand, it was very obvious that he was touching her and feeling her. Their kisses were deep and hot, Ms. Mercado was also moving her hips in a sexual motion as she sits on his lap.

In another scene in the movie, he tries to make love to Glydel Mercado but at first resists. She kinda fights him off while he's on top her but he continues his relentless attempts to kiss her. Albert Martinez' character  soon tires and quits but at this time, it seems the girl is now the one who's wanting to make love. She kisses him as she is pressed down by his body. She wants it, she's feeling it right now and the guy gives it to her. They have a really good sex scene here and ends with Glydel Mercado sitting beside the guy naked. She shows her lovely breasts and her thin pubic hair.

9. Rossana Roces and various men in "Ligaya ang itawag mo sa akin"

A very good movie worth showing at Cannes or any film festival in the world, the film stars Ms. Rosanna Roces and John Arcilla and directed/produced by the Siguion-Reynas. This quality film revolves around the life and struggles of a prostitute (Rosanna Roces), who wishes to one day settle down and find true love - true love that will ask a man to accept her for her past and build a new life. She finds it in a farmer and for a time they are happy. She leaves her job and past life for him but jealousy and insecurity just have ways of destroying a good relationship. He finds out almost all of the men in the village had sex with her, including their parish priest and this enrages him. Things just became so complicated between them and they eventually separated, it is implied in the movie that she returned to her old life but every now and then she looks around and imagines her man right there holding a wedding dress/veil for her, still there to accept her.

Rosanna Roces had many sex scenes with various men in this movie. She was raped in one of the scenes and her beautiful body was exposed. Kissing scenes were torrid, touching of body parts deep and exposure included everything. Sex scenes included pumping scenes, hand jobs and almost everything. Rosanna Roces is so beautiful and all of the sex scenes are titillating. This movie was rented in our store for more than 1000 times and horny motherfuckers really loved it.

8. Andrea del Rosario, Jordan Herrera, Leandro Munoz in "Lupe: A seaman's wife"

The hot Andrea del Rosario is a true Filipina beauty. She showed her full glory in this movie plus sizzling sex scenes that will make you want to go home and get it on with your girl.

Miss Andrea del Rosario plays Lupe, a common woman who after losing her husband for a long time engages in sexual encounters with another man. She misses her husband for so long, but the animal instinct for sex is just too strong to resist. The problem arises when one day the long lost husband returns. Who she chooses? You'll have to watch and find out.

Andrea del Rosario is fully nude in this movie. She is so freaking hot. Her slim body is just what men see as beautiful, and an inspiration for women who want to be sexy. Her breasts in one of the sex scenes is massaged gently by the leading actor. Her breasts are so perfectly shaped and natural. There's a scene where she shows stands in front of a mirror too, there, she's completely nude. Her dark pubic hair and vagina is exposed. It is one of the most paused moments in Filipino cinema ever.

7. Sunshine Cruz and Albert Martinez in "Ekis"

The beautiful Sunshine Cruz is always worth watching. This movie made my list of top ten sex scenes based on a great number of movie searches, downloads, vcd rentals (a friend of mine owns a shop and you can't imagine how many men rent rated R movies like this one)  and forum votes. A love scene will always be artistic and titillating when Sunshine Cruz is the one doing it. Her beauty is probably the greatest among actresses who've done sizzling sex scenes and up till now, no one else matches her impact among viewers. Sunshine Cruz is tall, sexy, talented, has a fair white complexion, slender arms and legs, a small waist and an unbelievable pair of natural, beautiful huge breasts. Damn man, there will never be another one like her! She is just the best.

An action/drama/suspense movie that has all the right ingredients, EKIS has been a success both on cinemas and home entertainment. The movie is about the complicated life of a submissive housewife and her lover who also happens to be a kidnapper. Sunshine Cruz plays the role of Dolor, a young woman who submits to every wish of her abusive husband. He treats her more like a slave than a wife and makes her dance those sexy moves in strip joints as he eats his dinner. She finds love and comfort with their neighbor but does not realize at first that this man has a very dangerous secret. Dolor (Sunshine Cruz) has had enough of her husband after several maltreatment and beatings and asks her lover to take her away from him and leave their forsaken place. Her lover agrees but only after the resolution of one final job, a job that would eventually go wrong and put everybody's life, including Dolor's in danger.

Sunshine Cruz does sexy scenes and hot sizzling sex in this movie that will make your manhood burn with passion. Seeing her beauty when fully clothed is inspiring but without them, ohhh feelings of desire, lust and craving will surely surface. She dances so seductively in a night dress with light behind her. You can see here that she doesn't wear a bra and her nipples are tout, the shape of her full rounded breasts jiggle inside her dress and seems they just want to get free, free from the dress that's holding them. In a very provocative sex scene, the moment every one's been waiting for finally arrived, she let loose of her dress, her bra, her inhibitions and sets her perfect breasts free for us to see. Oh wow there will never be anyone in the Philippines who will have beautiful breasts like that. They get caressed and smothered, and move freely with every motion possible. When she gets on top of her lover, a slow motion of her riding him will be the best sex scene in the movie. Her breasts bounce and jiggle in a timed motion, its just so beautiful. I remember having the hardest erection in my whole teen life. Even now I still had the picture of her on my mind and summon that scene whenever I can't sleep, bored or horny, damn I get horny to the superlative degree whenever I think of her. You have got to watch this movie, watch it not only because Sunshine Cruz is there but for the reason that its a good movie. It reflects a lot of Filipino culture, social problems and lessons.

6. Katya Santos and Raymond Bagatsing in the movie "Sukdulan"

Katya Santos was great in this film. Superb acting, superb acting.

Ms Katya Santos is one of the sexiest women in the Philippines and at this time when she made this movie, she had the biggest, fairest most adorable breasts in all of Philippine cinema. They are genuine, real, natural papayas jiggling... ooohhhhh she is just so beautiful.

The movie is about a couple who's having hard times. The woman, Katya, is kind of tired of a poor life, a boring life and wants something more exciting, especially sexually. Her husband is suffering from a condition that affects his performance during sex. They've tried watching porn while making out to stimulate his his libido but that too fails. In one of the hot sex scenes, the guy gropes Katya Santos' large breasts from behind while watching a porn film. Damn his hands were cupped around her melons and were mashing them making all of the audience's jaws drop. Her boobs are big I tell you and her nipples are perfectly pointing upward. She has smooth and shapely thighs, hips and buttocks which make watching so exciting. Every sex scene here is titillating, even the ones she had with another guy. 

5. Myles Hernandez and Raymond Bagatsing in "First time"

Do you remember your first time? First sex? I imagine it for girls being kind of painful and not at all enjoyable. I remember a lady friend of mine who shared her first sexual experience. She told us it was indeed painful, there's a tearing feeling in the vagina, a sharp piercing feeling that seems to be unbearable at first. She further said she wanted to push her boyfriend away, the pain was just too intense. Even with the gentlest and most careful thrusting, the friction just brings pain she said.

In this movie though, Myles Hernandez' character definitely loved her first sexual experience. She begged her  boyfriend to be gentle with her and he promised to do so. However, when he was inside her, his thrusts became deeper and faster with every motion. The whole scene was so titillating and stimulates a lot of imagination. Myles Hernandez is so beautiful with a body that will make you forget your girlfriend. She shows her papayas in this scene and ooohhhh what beautiful pairs they are. They jiggle and bounce so freely.

4. Maria Isabel Lopez in "Dingding lang ang pagitan"

Damn, once again Maria Isabel Lopez makes the hearts of people beat fast with her sexy scenes (penises too, I'm very sure). She is just so hot, I think I'd melt if I touched her or see her face to face. This was a movie done in the 80s and the board of censors were quite lenient then. Actors showed a lot of skin then and  even some actual touching of sex organs. In one of her sex scenes, her leading man kisses her entire body, you'll be able to see his lips touching Maria Isabel Lopez' dark pubic hair. He himself is naked and in an angle, his dick dangles flaccidly while attempting to get on top of her (he probably masturbated prior to the scene so his dick was not stiff, this was a condition actors did till now so as not to poke the woman's flower, lol). In any way, his dick definitely touched her pussy and was moving his hips in all sorts of direction. Dang, that dude was so lucky, could they have engaged in actual and real intercourse while shooting the scene? Maybe, well they were both undressed and he was on top of her with her legs spread apart.

3. "Lihim ng Kweba"

The story of the movie revolves around the practices of a religious cult in the Philippines. Their leader, who teaches dogma, incorporates sexual practices in which the female members willingly submit themselves. In their times of worship or gatherings, usually inside a cave, their leader chooses one woman with which he has sex. The other women in attendance circle around the two having intercourse, their heads bowed and arms extended as if worshiping and glorifying.
In the movie’s most titillating scene, one of the cult’s lady members comes to their leader’s hut and willingly gives herself to him as if doing a holy offering. The cult leader, who is an old man scrutinizes the girl and leads her to the bed. He slowly lifts the woman’s simple dress and reveals to the audience that she’s not wearing anything underneath. The woman has really good skin color, like mocha or olive, something like that, dark and even all over. Her breasts are a little small but perky. Between her legs are thin wiry hairs that will be kissed and licked by the old man. Watching the woman who’s offered herself for the night, it will be very obvious that in real life, she was quite young then, I’m guessing 19 or 20.
As the cult leader lays the woman on the bed, he places a crucifix on the woman’s chest and starts groping her. His hands immediately mashes the woman’s perky breast, his mouth finds her dark nipples but right away went down on her. He spreads her smooth legs apart and presents her pussy to be seen. The cult leader then puts his head directly in front of the woman’s pussy and starts licking. The scene really appeared so real or probably was as you’ll be able to see the actor’s tongue touching the girl’s pubic hair and skin underneath it. His tongue was moving, flicking in all directions and maybe, truly touched the actress’s clitoris but she didn’t mind. The camera focuses on her and she’s enjoying it. While his tongue was busy playing with the woman’s pussy, his left hand was cupping her breasts and squeezing them gently. He goes up now and kisses her boobs again with excitement and this time the whole length of his tongue licks her breasts and small nipples.

What’s really stimulating about the movie’s sex scenes is the whole arrangement of their sex acts. The women offer themselves believing it’s for a higher purpose or service. The sex seems unsimulated, damn that cunnilingus scene might have been real.

2. Ana Marie Gutierrez and Daniel Fernando in "Scorpio Nights"

This movie was done in the 80s and was pretty good I must say. Its not only about showing skin and sex scenes but actually mirrored the hard, complicated and frugal condition of Filipino life. Scorpio Nights' story revolves a man and a woman locked in a forbidden love affair that's both exciting and dangerous. Both have inextinguishable desires for each other and in the movie, they find means and ways to be together satisfying the desires of the flesh. The woman is married and the man a college student it seems. Before being her lover, he's contented with peeping through holes and seeing her make love to her husband. Watching them, he masturbates and for a time he is contented. He notices however that their sex acts seem to be a routine, with the husband only coming home so late and when he does, just lifts her sleeping wife's night dress and makes love to her. There's no romance or passion whatsoever, the woman just lays in bed asleep while her husband goes through the motion.

He sees his chance here to score with the woman he so desires. One stormy night, he breaks in the woman's house while she is asleep. He tries to see if she will awake, making noises her husband usually makes when he gets home. Confident that the woman will not wake up, he sits by the bed and starts imitating the routinary things her husband does to her. He wanted to touch the woman's breast, cup them in his hands but realized the husband never did that. He lifts her dress instead revealing she has no panties on. Her pubic hair is thin and her thighs are creamy. She has a flat abdomen too, while the guy continues to raise her night dress until her small perky breasts are revealed. He only does what he sees the woman's husband does when they have sex, here the woman does not suspect that the guy spreading her legs is not her husband. Wet from the rain outside, the guy removes his pants and brief. He gets on top of her and she no clue its a different man. His pelvis moves, rocks. His butt and hips moving up and down between her, and she remains still with eyes closed asleep.

After this event, more sex happen between them and this time the woman knows. They become lovers and the sex scenes they do are steaming hot. Even in rough conditions, they still get together and engage in sexual marathons to satisfy their lust.

What makes Scorpio Night's sex scenes so titillating is that the sex is built up from simple improbable wishes to exciting and possible sex. The choreography of their acting is so good that most people who watched it said Scorpio Night's sex scenes will never be forgotten once seen.

1. Maria Isabel Lopez, Myra Manibog, Sarsi Emanuel in the movie "Silip"

I actually like this movie because it has a deeper and more colorful story than most sex themed movies done during its time. The acting of the three main actresses were superb, you can really feel their emotions and what they're trying to say. The social problems in the Philippines then were much worse than what it is now. Ignorance, dogma, lust, poverty and stupidity all inflict a small town to go even lower than the pathetic state it was in. I must warn you viewers that this movie does not guarantee you walking out of theaters feeling happy. In fact it makes you feel a little sad... Well, fuck that, at least there were great sex scenes for us to enjoy!

I must say that Isabel Lopez is truly the most alluring sex symbol during the 80s. A former beauty titlist, Isabel Lopez is tall, slim, sexy and undeniably smart. She was once the highest paid actress in the Philippines and now that I watched some of her movies, I really think she should have pursued her acting career. She could have won an award for great acting. Why this movie is in my list is also exactly because of her.She is the epitome of a real sexy, enticing, alluring, seductive, beautiful Filipina. I wish I was the actor making all those sex scenes with her. Her hot hot body is just so nice to behold. During those times, Isabel Lopez and actors do not wear any protective thing to keep their privates from touching each other. Damn, even extras were so lucky to have caressed, kissed and touched her body. Some of them even had the chance to rub their penises upon her pussy. Her beautiful, soft haired pussy. Fucl fuck fuck! I'm so wishing I could have her.

I really cannot describe all the titillating sex scenes done in this movie for there are so many and if I do, I'm afraid I'd have to masturbate again, or call my fuck buddy who's currently at work or solicit the services of the pretty prostitute who lives a block from me. I swear, the sex scenes in this movie and how it happened and why it happened are all so powerfully influencing. It stirs the sex drive in you, I tell you.

I seriously recommend you watch this movie not only to see the women naked but to see a glimpse of truth about the Filipino culture. That there is something so sad and wrong about us but we chose not to see completely.

Here's a ganbang scene with Isabel Lopez and Sarsi Emmanuel. They were tied completely nude to posts of a hut by closed minded townsfolk allowing horny, sweaty, ugly towns men to take advantage.


That's the top ten folks! Any other sex scenes you think should have made the list? Please post your thoughts.

Leaked nude pictorial

Diana Zubiri in a nude photoshoot - leaked

I really like Diana Zubiri. She has one of the most beautiful faces in Philippine cinema. She is also steaming hot as you will see in this video. She is very professional in her work and does not have much qualms. She appears in TV shows nowadays and I hope she receives more movie projects. 

In one TV interview, I remember the host praising Diana Zubiri for her smooth and beautiful skin. The host also commented that her skin color makes her more sexy and I agree. Diana Zubiri said she has never experienced having pimples even when growing up. She is indeed very lucky to have been blessed with great skin. We on the other hand are very blessed to see her skin, all her skin.

Embarrassing carpet walk - a blast from the past

Wardrobe Malfunction - Revealing beautiful melons

Check these pictures out. This was a wardrobe malfunction of an actress attending a movie premiere. It  was sometime ago in 2006-07 or something and is still a delight to behold. If you were a girl, would it be so difficult to feel there's a breeze touching your private parts? How could she have failed to notice her dress slipped down to reveal her ripe, firm, delicious melons? You can see in these pictures she was completely oblivious of what was going on with her wardrobe. If the guy she's with didn't alert her, her dress might have slipped down even further and revealed more.

Wow this young actress has such beautiful breasts doesn't she? Her nipples are tout and the ariola surrounding her nipples are pinkish, plus it does not cover much of the breasts which indicates her youth and probable virginity.  Her breasts might not have been touched yet before. Those firm succulent body parts have not been kissed yet, it hasn't felt a man's tongue licking it moving in circular patterns and gentle sucking sensations. She has smooth and great skin too, she is indeed pretty.

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